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Hansgrohe is a German manufacturer of high-quality and stylish kitchen and bathroom fittings. If you love aesthetic designs, innovative technologies and high-performing kitchen and bathroom products, you’ll surely love hansgrohe’s home improvement products. xTWOstore’s hansgrohe UK online store stocks a rich collection of

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Hansgrohe has a huge variety of high-quality products at affordable prices :

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Shower Systems

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Accessories like Toilet Roll Holders and Soap Dispensers

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On our website, there is something for everyone: from shower sets and thermostats to kitchen sinks and installation accessories. The list is endless. We urge you to visit our website regularly to get updates of the latest launches first hand. We also have offers and discounts running on your favourite products and brands

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Improve your showering experience at a very affordable price

Whether you just want to replace the hand shower or want to install a complete shower system: as an experienced bathroom tap manufacturer, Hansgrohe offers you high-standard products. So many innovative technologies have been developed for the showers such as different types of jets: Hansgrohe Rain Air or the Hansgrohe Whirl Air ensures you a pleasant feeling on the skin. Thermostatic fitting with safety lock products is also children and family-friendly. This technology prevents you from accidentally setting a water temperature that is too hot. Many other clever functions for comfort and showering pleasure are making Hansgrohe products essential to your bathroom. Allow yourself to be tempted by the best! Click here.


Hansgrohe loves the nature of water and how beautifully and dramatically engages in everyday life. Your bathroom is one place where you engage with water the most and hansgrohe’s bathroom products to make your experience worth cherishing. With designs that are visually flattering and physically amazing, hansgrohe exhibits some of the choicest bathroom products which includes:

Hansgrohe Showers: Innovated for you, inspired by your lifestyle, the collection of hansgrohe showers is rather rich - thanks to its designs and technology. You get an amazing experience each time you shower, provided your bathroom looks great too.

Hansgrohe showers are further segregated to a wide range of head showers, head shower sets, hand shower, hand shower sets, and side showers. The shower systems are available in concealed and exposed variants for you to choose any one as per your construction or renovation projects. While both are great choices, the concealed ones work great for small bathrooms and exposed looks elegant in a large bathing space.

Our collection of showers also include quite a range of series that perfectly fits to your preference such as Raindance Classic, Raindance E, Rainfinity, Crometta Select E, Croma to name a few.

Basin Taps: hansgrohe basin taps are a speciality of the brand. Pure shape, sleek designs, and innovative technologies such as hansgrohe EcoSmart, QuickClean, and AirPower, the basin taps help in saving water and energy and is easy to clean.>

You have the option to choose from 1-3 hole basin taps with single handle or double handle options. Hansgrohe basin taps are also available as pillar taps that can be mounted on the washbasins that will enable separation of cold and hot water.

Besides, Hansgrohe also offers a wide range of wall-mounted taps, low pressure basin taps, electronic basin taps, and low pressure basin taps. The electronic basin taps are a great choice when it comes to hygiene and safety. With these taps installed, you need not touch the tap, since they are infrared automatic. Simply place your hands and the water lets out easily. This will prevent bacteria and spread of germs.

Bathtub Taps: When it comes to Hansgrohe bathtub taps, you have a huge variety to choose from. Quality and durability is the essence of hansgrohe taps, and we stock an extensive collection of elegant floor standing bathtub taps, benefit of space with wall-mounted bathtub taps, and thermostatic bathtub taps for your comfortable bathing experience.

Hansgrohe bathtub taps are available in single and double handle bathtub taps with 3-4 hole bathtub tap options.

Bath and Installation Accessories: Whether you prefer modern, contemporary, or classic bathroom accessories for your bathroom, xTWOstore’s hansgrohe bathroom accessories are sure to enhance your bathroom space right down to the last details. With modern, timeless designs, we have toilet roll holders, towel hooks and rings, towel bars, toilet brush sets, grab rails, soap dishes, and soap dispensers.

To make the remodelling and construction of your modern bathroom smooth, Hansgrohe offers an exquisite range of installation accessories that are of high-quality and precision. The collection includes plumbing fixtures, concealed units, and waste fittings.

Hansgrohe also exhibited a functional collection of bidet taps. Click here to check out.


The kitchen is a place in your home that makes happy memories. Our Hansgrohe kitchen products such as kitchen taps and sinks are perfect ingredients to make your cooking space more functional and a happy place. xTWOstore UK carries an exhaustive range of kitchen products with high-quality and superior craftsmanship. The product line includes:

Trendy Kitchen Taps: The Hansgrohe kitchen taps are a unique blend of inspiring technology and impressive designs that makes your kitchen chores a breeze. The kitchen taps are available as single lever and double handle kitchen taps in an amazing range of series such as Focus, Focus E, Logis Classic, Metris,Talis S, and more. With swivel spouts, your work in the sink becomes more easy and flexible. The Hansgrohe kitchen taps are available in styles of wall-mounted and low pressure kitchen taps.

Kitchen Sinks: Practical, durable, stylish and affordable - what else would you ask for more when it comes to kitchen sinks? Whether you are looking for minimalistic designs or stunning eye-catchers, our collection of kitchen sinks has it all. The kitchen sinks are available in single and double bowls and drainers as an option as per your preference.

The kitchen sinks collection is unique as it gives you the freedom to choose from varied installation styles: drop-in-mounting, sub-mounting, or classic installation. To match your kitchen layout, you can choose from a large selection of colours such as chrome, brushed stainless steel, or chrome.


Hansgrohe Select

Hansgrohe Select

Select: With the Select function, you can operate your showers and fittings at the touch of a button. Switch between hand and overhead shower, change the spray mode or stop the water. Since 2009, Hansgrohe has been developing more and more Select products to simplify the operation of the valves. The longevity of this function has been tested in sophisticated tests.

Hansgrohe CoolStart

Hansgrohe CoolStart

CoolStart: In the CoolStart technology, the center position of the handle is set to automatically flow cold water. It is not, as with regular taps, immediately added hot water. So if you just want to tap cold water, you save energy. If you want warm water, move the lever to the left. An example for this is the single-lever mixer Metris.

Hansgrohe EcoSmart

Hansgrohe EcoSmart

EcoSmart: The faucets and showers, which are equipped with EcoSmart technology, consume up to 60% less water. This is done by means of a flow restriction, special jet nozzles and the addition of air. The hand shower Crometta 85 green consumes so for example only 6 l / min. Even pressure differences in the water pipe easily compensates for this system. The precision O-ring regulates the amount of water depending on the pressure.

Hansgrohe AirPower

Hansgrohe AirPower

AirPower: AirPower technology adds air to the water. This has two beneficial effects: you save water and showering becomes even more pleasant under the velvety soft water and increases your well-being. An example of such a shower is the Raindance Select S hand shower.

Hansgrohe ComfortZone

Hansgrohe ComfortZone

ComfortZone: Hansgrohe offers faucets in different sizes for different requirements. If you want to wash your hair more often in the washbasin, for example, or if you need more space in the kitchen for filling containers, we recommend a higher mixer. Hansgrohe offers the right choice for every need.

Hansgrohe XXLPerformance

Hansgrohe XXLPerformance

XXLPerformance: Hansgrohe offers showerheads in XXL format like the Axor Starck ShowerHeaven. These have a diameter of up to 60 cm. Let yourself be enveloped by the soothing rain and relax before or after a stressful day at work. In combination with the EcoSmart technology also your bank account stays relaxed.

Hansgrohe QuickClean

Hansgrohe QuickClean

QuickClean: Thanks to the QuickClean technology, your showers will last longer. Rub limescale simply from the elastic silicone nubs of the jet nozzles and the aerator. Your shower jet remains constantly beautiful and the water flows evenly.

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