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GROHE Shower Systems

Seamless Bathroom Upgrades with Grohe Shower Systems

Discover a world of exceptional experiences with GROHE, a brand dedicated to four core values: quality, technology, design, and sustainability. GROHE products embody these values, featuring top-tier materials and artisanry while constantly integrating innovative technologies.

GROHE's unwavering commitment to quality is evident in every product. Crafted from premium materials like chrome and stainless steel, each item undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure durability and longevity. Whether you're in search of shower sets, bathroom sinks, or kitchen fixtures, GROHE offers top-tier quality products.GROHE consistently leads the industry in technology innovation. Their pioneering solutions, such as GROHE EcoJoy, reduce water consumption by up to 50%, all while maintaining water pressure and your enjoyment. These innovations resonate throughout their product range.

Functionality and aesthetics blend seamlessly in GROHE's designs. With a wide array of styles to complement any bathroom decor, their products are renowned for their sleek, modern design that enhances your space.GROHE's commitment to eco-friendliness extends to its thoughtful use of natural resources. Each product is consciously designed for eco-friendly construction and decomposability.

Explore Grohe Shower Systems

Floor-standing Shower Systems: GROHE floor-standing shower systems are freestanding shower systems that do not require any wall mounting. They are a good option for bathrooms with limited space or for people who want to create a more spa-like showering experience.

Concealed Shower Systems: GROHE concealed shower systems are shower systems that are installed behind the wall, leaving only the shower head and controls visible. This gives the bathroom a more streamlined and minimalist look. Concealed shower systems are also a good option for smaller bathrooms, as they take up less space.

Advanced Features in Grohe Shower Systems

GROHE TurboStat Technology: Ensures consistent water temperature, even when water pressure fluctuates.

GROHE EcoJoy Technology: Saves water by reducing flow rate without compromising on water pressure or spray quality.

GROHE SilkMove Technology: Allows easy adjustment and operation of the shower head and hand shower.

GROHE StarLight Finish: Scratch-resistant and easy to clean, keeping your shower system looking pristine for years.

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How nice it is to take a leisurely shower. You can begin and end each day with a relaxing shower routine with GROHE shower systems. With GROHE shower systems, you receive the faucet and bracket, head shower, hand showers, and hose in a single, simple-to-install kit. Explore our extensive selection of GROHE shower systems to make the shower even more comfortable.

GROHE perfects the shower by offering carefully designed shower systems with improved features and balanced water distribution to every single nozzle for a luxurious shower experience. Beautifully built showers that complement your gorgeous bathroom with unheard-of technologies and aesthetics. We've thought of everything you could desire in a shower, so unwind and recharge with your choice of spray patterns. With an unmatched showering experience, GROHE's unique shower systems set it apart from the competition.


GROHE SmartControl shower systems are a terrific product to revamp your outdated shower fixtures if you want to modernise your shower with a quick fix. Additionally, the wall mounting features of the shower system allow you to install it yourself if you do not want to spend additional money on plumbing—a simple installation system for your use. 

Numerous GROHE SmartControl shower units are offered, including the Euphoria, Grohtherm SmartControl, Euphoria shower, Eurosmart Cosmopolitan, Rainshower F-Series, Tempesta, and more.

These GROHE shower units come in a variety of colours, including brushed nickel, brushed warm sunset, cool sunrise, hard graphite, super steel, warm sunset, moon white, or white, depending on the designs and styles.


Shower systems from GROHE provide a straightforward option for a cosy setup in your bathing space. Now learn about the benefits of a concealed-mounted shower system for a new building or a total bathroom remodel and take advantage of low pricing.


Installing the shower is made simple with GROHE exposed wall-mounted shower systems for new construction or retrofit. Bring home the GROHE wall-mounted shower system for your exhilarating summertime rain like shower experience in one box.


Do you want to use your current connection such as a thermostat or wall elbow with a new shower system? Discover all your options and learn about our GROHE selection of reasonably priced shower systems with diverters.

Fabulous Shower Upgrades from GROHE

Easy Installation makes GROHE shower sets a must have for your bathroom

If you are looking to upgrade your shower with an easy fix, GROHE SmartControl shower systems are a great way to enhance your outdated shower fixtures. Additionally, if you do not want to spend an extra amount on plumbing for installation, you can do it all by yourself with the shower system's wall mounting designs.

The GROHE SmartControl shower units are available in a wide range of series such as GROHE Euphoria, GROHE Grohtherm SmartControl, GROHE Euphoria shower, Eurosmart Cosmopolitan, Rainshower F-Series, Tempesta, and more.

Based on the designs and style, these GROHE shower units are found in different shades such as brushed nickel, brushed warm sunset, cool sunrise, hard graphite, supersteel, warm sunset, moon white, or white.

Grohe concealed-mounted shower systems

Everything in one box - GROHE concealed-mounted shower systems

GROHE shower systems offer a simple solution for a comfortable installation in your bathroom. Now discover the advantages of a concealed-mounted shower system for a new construction or a complete redesign of your bathroom and benefit from great prices.



Grohe wall-mounted shower systems

The complete package - GROHE wall-mounted shower systems

GROHE exposed wall-mounted shower systems for retrofitting or for a new construction are a convenient solution for installation in the shower. Get all elements in one box by bringing home the GROHE wall-mounted shower system for your energizing summer rainbath experience.



Grohe shower systems with diverter

For renovation: GROHE shower systems with diverter

Would you like to combine a new shower system with your existing connection (thermostat or wall elbow)? Find out what possibilities you have for this and discover our GROHE range for shower systems with diverters at affordable prices.



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