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The kitchen is the heart of every home and for most part, kitchen sinks are an indispensable part of it. Wasing the vegetables, filling the pots, and washing the dishes - you use your kitchen sink countless times. GROHE kitchen sinks are one of the most durable and worth the price kitchen products by the brand and a lot of innovation, thoughts, and ideas for a better kitchen has gone into it.

In this page, you’ll see a detailed analysis of the quality, features, and designs of the GROHE kitchen sink and make a decision as to which one suits your kitchen layout. At xTWOstore you’ll find the best kitchen sinks in the UK. Our collection of stainless steel and granite kitchen sinks is extensive, and we offer affordable prices.>Readmore.


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How are GROHE sinks installed?


GROHE kitchen sinks is the leading brand of kitchen sink in the UK. Not just the sinks, the brand also offers a wide range of other kitchen products such as kitchen taps, water filters, basin mixers, and kitchen accessories.

The popular range of kitchen sinks include:

K1000: A welded form of kitchen sink presented in contemporary style, the GROHE K1000 series of sinks are aesthetic as they are also functional. It comes with a generous drainer which also serves as an accessory that helps the access water from the washed dishes to drain away into the sink while your dishes rest on it. These kitchen sinks come in stainless steel and are easy to clean and maintain.

K800: The kitchen sinks from the GROHE K800 series are all about pure design and durability. These sinks exhibit a contemporary, clean look. It is designed with a diamond-shape base that helps in easy drainage of water and the practical automatic waste basket cover makes this GROHE kitchen sink a smart choice for your kitchen. You will find them in 1 bowl and 2 bowls models with options of flush-mounted or built-in to suit your kitchen layout.

K700: Talk of clean and uncluttered kitchen space - the GROHE K700 offers undermount composite kitchen sinks that have a deeper bowl and rounded edges. The deeper bowl sizes are ideal to accommodate more dishes to clean and is easy for you to fill large vessels and pots. These architectural designs are available for both left and right hand versions.

K500: The GROHE K500 series of kitchen sinks features streamlined looks and ensures durability. It's a robust choice and an ideal pick for big kitchens. With this series, you have the choice to choose from 1 or 2 bowls, drainer and automatic waste filling. 

K400: With its sturdy built and appealing design, the GROHE K400 is one of the best kitchen sinks available. It is designed to be built-in and completely reversible. You have the option to choose from 1, 1.5 or 2 bowl options. This model has a remote waste. Available in granite grey and satin stainless steel.

K400+: An ideal pick for areas with salty climate, the GROHE K400+ is one of the best kitchen sinks to shop for in the UK. Fully reversible, these kitchen sinks are made with AISI 316 grade, rust resistant stainless steel. Available in 1 or 1.5 bowl options.

K200: When it comes to quality and high performance in stainless steel kitchen sinks, there is none like the GROHE K200 series of kitchen sinks. Whether it is size or design, you get quite an option to choose from. It is available in 1, 1.5, or 2 bowl options in a range of flat-edged, flush-mounted, under-mounted, or top-mounted designs.


With the GROHE kitchen sinks, now cleaning and dishes and doing random kitchen chores will be easy and fun. Besides the fact that GROHE sinks for kitchen are appealing to look at, they come with the latest technology to provide you maximum satisfaction:

GROHE QuickFix: This latest innovation reduces installation time for upto 50%. The kitchen sinks with this technology features pre-punched tap holes that make most of the sinks reversible.

GROHE Whisper: Hate the rattling of utensils and the noise of running water? Well, the GROHE Whisper technology in the kitchen sinks reduces the noise from the running water and the noise of utensils while you wash them. Thanks to the material blend of acrylic and quartz!

Besides the amazing technology in the making of these kitchen sinks, the GROHE sinks for the kitchen are also heat-resistant, scratch-proof, food-safe, and stain-resistant. To shop from a wide collection of GROHE kitchen and other bathroom products in the UK, click here.

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