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Be it your new home or workplace; a washbasin is the most basic requirement. A statement piece that serves the most important purpose of keeping your hands clean has to be chosen wisely. From bathrooms to kitchens to the dining area, every room needs a unique wash basin and no better place than the xTWOstore to shop from. We have collaborated with various luxury brands from across the world to bring you the best. Choose what your heart desires, from a small wash basin to a design wash basin, from a double wash basin to a design wash basin. Make sure to spend quality time browsing through our wide range of products before you make your decision.


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Washbasins are not just something that solve the purpose of washing hands but have become a style statement today. For example, having a double wash basin in the bathroom has become an aesthetic requirement, while a counter top wash basin comes in more than just stainless steel. So, while shopping for a new bathroom wash basin or wash hand basin, check out all the available options. Below listed are the different types of wash basins available on the xTWOstore UK.

  1. Counter top wash basin: This type of wash basin is embedded into the counter to give the room a sleek and stylish finish. A counter top wash basin is the best choice for small spaces are they stand out from the crowd. If you are looking to amp up your small dining area, this is your best choice.

  1. Wall-mounted washbasins: These wash basins are mounted to the wall directly, giving you more space in your bathroom. Perfect to create a neat and sophisticated look, the wall-hung wash hand basin is something you can consider for your new space. They are also available in various shapes and sizes and also in a variety of materials.

  1. Double wash basin: Mostly opted as the perfect bathroom basin choice, the double wash basin gives ample space for both you and your partner to get ready every morning. They are best suitable for bigger bathroom spaces and provide a luxurious look.

  1. Standing wash basin: These tall basins extend the length and elegance of your bathroom. With their generic, bend over to access wash hand basin, they make your bathroom stand out against other toilets. Ideal for spacious bathrooms and rooms with high ceilings. 


Corner wash basin: As the name suggests, these washbasins can be tucked away in a corner. They occupy minimal space, making them the best option for small wash basin requirements. With limited shape options in hand, they come in various colours to choose from.  

Under the counter washbasin: Neatly tucked into the counter top, this bathroom basin creates a sleek look. The design wash basin fits all types of rooms, big or small and is considered a mess-free choice. Take a look at the different shapes of this bathroom wash basin available on the xTWOstore. 

These washbasins are best paired with suitable taps and faucets to give you a luxurious experience. If you wish to purchase good-quality taps and faucets from the xTWOstore, click here.


Before you start shopping for any sanitary products, be it a bathroom wash basin, hand wash basin, taps, faucets or sinks for your kitchen, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. Be it for your office space or home, the products you purchase have to match the aesthetics of the place to uplift the overall look. Here are a few things you must consider while buying your design wash basin.

  1. Space: make sure you are aware of the space available in the room. Be it the bathroom or the dining room, measure ahead the amount of space available to place a wash basin. In order to avoid making the room look overcrowded, planning ahead will save you a lot of time and money. At the xTWOstore, we have a myriad of options starting from a small wash basin to a double wash basin.  

  2. Colour and Finish: As mentioned before, a washbasin is a style statement in your bathroom. It adds to the overall look of the space, so make sure to choose a colour that does well with the colour of your walls. Colours also define personalities; therefore, choose what feels best for you. At the xTWOstore, our products come in various colours like white, grey, graphite, black, blue, chrome, and more.  

  3. Shape and Size: Wash basins come in various shapes and sizes. From a regular round to a modern abstract, many shapes and sizes are available on the xTWOstore. Depending upon the space available, choose the perfect design wash basin for your new home.


As we strive to deliver the utmost satisfaction to our customers, we have collaborated with the best brands from across the world. Check out the list of bathroom basin brands available on the xTWOstore.

Alape, Axor, Bette, Burgbad, Dornbracht, Dresta, Duravit , Geberit, Grohe, Ideal Standard & more.

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