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The shower tray is an essential element of the classic or Italian shower. Its primary role is to collect and drain water, but it also supports the shower doors or shower walls. Whether you are planning to renovate your bathroom or build it new, you should take the time to get information about the latest technologies and materials available. This will help you to create a space dedicated to your well-being that meets all your requirements. The available space for the shower and its users will largely determine the choice of a shower tray. We have collected information that could help you make the best choice. >> Visit our shower tray shopping guide


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Types of shower trays
Which material to choose?       
Shapes of shower trays
Optional features
Our main shower tray manufacturers


Two main criteria have to be considered to choose which type of shower tray you need, i.e. the positioning of the shower waste and the extent of work you are prepared to do. Generally speaking, the more the shower tray installation will be flush with the floor, the more it will be technically demanding.

Raised shower trays:
Quick and easy to install, they are well suited for vertical or horizontal waste pipe and to all depths of shower trays because they are height adjustable. A frame base or legs are positioned underneath the tray, raising the profile of the shower tray. It gives better access to the pipes if repair or replacement is needed in the future. Access to the shower is at least 5 cm high.

Low profile shower trays:
They are a bit more complicated to install because they lay directly on the floor without a gap in-between. They require a vertically recessed waste pipe. Access to the shower is facilitated, with a step of less than 5 cm, but this depends on the depth of the tray. Choosing ultra-flat shower tray models allows you to significantly reduce the height.

Concealed shower trays::
Concealed shower trays provide level access to the shower. Again, these require that you have a recessed vertical waste pipe. Most often these models are installed during a complete bathroom renovation or in a new house because the work and costs are more important.

Tiled shower trays:
The same constraints as mentioned above apply. Flush installation requires a height reserve equivalent to the height of the tray and the tiles. The access to the shower is very easy. Very popular, this shower offers unparalleled comfort and aesthetics worthy of a professional spa centre.

Since complete bathroom renovations in households take place on average every 20 years, it may be worth investing in a flush installation even if you don't currently have mobility problems. For the elderly and those with reduced mobility, the question does not even arise. This choice may even prove judicious if you plan to sell your house because it adds value to your home at resale.

When installing a shower tray, it is essential to respect a minimum slope of 1% towards the shower drain so that the water drains easily.


Contact between your bare feet and the floor significantly affects the overall impression of showering. Therefore, it is worth having a glimpse of the advantages and disadvantages of shower trays materials:

This material is available in a wide range of colours and its low weight makes it suitable for all types of flooring. Its smooth surface makes it easy to clean, but it remains sensitive to scratches.

Enamelled Steel
It has a particularly hard, smooth and scratch-resistant surface, which makes it easy to clean. However, the surface can easily flake off if, for example, a heavy or sharp object falls on it. Also, the material is cold at first and only slowly adjusts to the water temperature. Since the grounding of this material is essential, it is advisable to consult a specialist when installing it.

Mineral Casting
Acrylic or synthetic resin and natural minerals are poured into moulds. Depending on the mineral used, the moulded parts have different names such as Quaryl, Corian, Duralight, Ceramilus, Cristalplant or Duralmond. The advantages are a warm, easy-to-clean, low-noise and non-slip surface. However, this material is not as scratch-resistant as other materials and is sensitive to heat and chemicals such as hair dyes.


Sanitary Ceramic 
Also known as glazed stoneware, this material is one of the most widely used. Its sturdiness, affordable price, resistance to scratch, chemicals and dyes make it very popular. Offered in a wide range of colours, it is also well appreciated by manufacturers. However, before choosing this material for your shower tray, you should check whether your floor can support its high weight.


Natural Stone
Shower trays made of natural stones such as granite, slate and marble are very aesthetic and unique. They are impact and scratch-resistant. However, these trays are cold to the touch, heavy and not all of them have good resistance to chemicals. Therefore, you must absolutely follow the manufacturer's care instructions.



Ideally, the shape and size of the shower should take into account the configuration of your bathroom while offering you maximum comfort. The five most common shapes of shower trays are as follows:

The shape is ideal for long but narrow bathrooms as it optimizes space and offers the comfort of a spacious shower.

It fits flexibly into all corners and slots and can be used individually.

Quarter circle:
This shower tray is perfectly suited for use in corners. It is one of the preferred forms of trays for small bathrooms as it saves a lot of space.

An alternative to the previous shape that fits into corners and takes up little space.


Optional features

an anti-skid

Acoustic insulation

A coating that protects against dirt and limescale.



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