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There are various methods to keep your bathroom splash-free when using the shower. The shower curtain is, without a question, the most straightforward and affordable. However, it sticks to your skin and makes you feel unpleasant if it's unclean or moist. The shower enclosure is vastly more aesthetically pleasing and practical. For the user's benefit, the panels separate the shower area from the rest of the bathroom and retain the heat and humidity inside.

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We only provide shower enclosures from reputable brands in our store. Take advantage of the excellent product quality from our store: The production of shower enclosures UK  from reputable manufacturers is guaranteed per DIN standards and has undergone TÜV testing (a German certification). Your shower enclosure UK  purchased at xTWOstore will be splash-proof for years with good installation and minimal upkeep, allowing you to enjoy your shower in a shower cubicle for a very long time.


Glass: One of the most widely used materials is glass. The majority of large shower enclosure producers use genuine glass. They use safety glass that has been treated and is thick enough for household usage. It is incredibly impact resistant, and it shatters into harmless bits in the event of damage. Even though it is heavier and more expensive than acrylic or Plexiglas, it is the best option because of its superior clarity and longer lifespan. After each usage, rinse your actual glass shower enclosure with clear water for upkeep and then squeegee dry it. For people with hard water, anti-limestone treatments are readily available and highly advised.

Plastic: Acrylic is typically used to make plastic shower enclosures, which are lighter and inexpensive than glass. However, shower enclosures made of plastic are more vulnerable to dents and cleaning agents. Additionally, they frequently have an uneven surface that makes them more prone to filth and limescale buildup and necessitates frequent replacement.

Frames and Finishes

The frames in the large shower cubicles are either plastic or metal. Plastic is again the economical choice par excellence and allows you to play with colors for a little more fantasy. Aluminum or chrome-plated brass are the metals available, aluminum being more appreciated for its lightness.


Shower cubicles UK are available with or without frame and partially framed. The materials have already been outlined above.

Frameless: A frameless shower cubicle seduces its minimalist appearance but can never be completely watertight. However, transparent seals and drop-down doors largely prevent water from dropping out.

Partial Frame: Partially framed shower enclosures do not have a frame in the entrance area. Instead, hinged and lift-up doors are used here to protect against splashing water.

Framed: Large shower cubicles with frames provide complete splash resistance, but can also be more prone to dirt accumulation and limescale buildup due to their larger corners. 


Both rely on your bathtub or shower tray. Make a thorough plan of the shower area, including its access and shutting, if you don't yet have the shower tray. The shower enclosures and the size are both standards. Most of them in our store are between 1.85 and 2.0 meters tall. The most popular shower enclosure UK shapes for installation in a bathroom corner are square, rectangle, and quarter circular.


Some shower cubicles have towel rails or built-in shelves outside, which provide extra storage space and ensure that everything is within easy reach. Other shower cubicles have mirrored glass on the outside and have a full-length mirror integrated into the bathroom.


Before you buy a shower door, think about the type of door that suits you best. Some doors are equipped with a lifting-and-lowering mechanism, making them easier to open and close while offering better protection against splashing water. When open, the door lifts and prevents the seal from dragging on the shower tray or bathtub. This mechanism is highly recommended for installation in a tiled walk-in shower.

Hinged/ Pivot Shower Doors

They offer the most accessible access to the shower in single or double versions. It is essential to point out that many pivot doors can only be opened outwards and require more space in front of them for easy access. Therefore, they mostly fit in large bathrooms. On the other hand, some shower door opens outwards and inwards, thus having 180° freedom. This makes the shower more accessible, especially if you choose a two-door model. Select the pivot hinge door (180°) to privilege easy access if you are confused between these two types. On the one hand, it will allow you to aerate the shower quickly by opening outward. On the other hand, by pulling the door inwards, the water on the door will drop into the shower tray.

Swinging Shower Doors

This type of door is found on many HSK shower cubicle models. Two doors side by side can be opened from the inside and outside, a bit like saloon doors in American westerns. It is convenient and offers easy access to a moment of pleasure under the shower.

Sliding Shower Doors

There is no movement required for sliding doors, which saves a lot of space, which makes them especially suitable for smaller bathrooms. However, like the folding door, it requires a guide rail, which is more difficult to clean. Besides, this type of door only gives you a relatively small entrance.

Folding Doors

Because of the accordion shape of the panels, this type of door is easier to access than sliding doors. As a result, this is a great option for small shower trays, even if they're a little old-fashioned. They often have hinges that allow them to pivot inward into the shower when folded, but they require guide rails that are more difficult to clean than sliding doors.

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