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GROHE flush plates at xTWOstore 

Turn your bathroom into a pleasant place with modern flush plates

Well designed, clean bathrooms can be truly pleasant places, but there’s one thing that tends to get in the way; the clunky toilet cistern. The bathtub is optional and the shower can be discrete, but there’s not a lot that anyone can do about the urinal. However, there is a way to hide the cistern so that the bowl can blend into the room more easily. With the increasing focus on space-saving alternatives in modern homes, this method is a very attractive option for people making renovations. The secret is the flush plate and the system behind it, which allows your toilet cistern to be concealed within the wall. Also known as a concealed cistern system, these devices mean that you only see the toilet bowl and a clean, elegant control panel built into the wall. This clever system saves space, looks amazing and is ultra-modern. When you’re renovating and want to make serious changes, consider making the most of this opportunity to install a flush plate. As long as you budget well and shop around for cheap units online, there’s no reason to miss out.


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Designer concealed flush plates

Your toilet setup can be made to look discrete, elegant and modern with the addition of flush plates. Many models even allow you to swap and change the plate to update your design whenever you please. Once you have that perfect bath and sink, it can be a nightmare to match them with a chunky porcelain cistern, so many designers are now dispensing with them entirely. GROHE is one of the leading producers of concealed cisterns, with a broad selection of premium products. They produce the Skate Cosmopolitan range, which features a minimalist set of two rectangular buttons that come in plastic, brass or steel, and a variety of colour finishes or even wood grain effect. Grohe’s Arena Cosmopolitan range features a more rounded version of the same features, ideal for bathrooms with a curvy design theme. Those seeking something more high-tech should check out Grohe’s Tectron Skate range, with motion-detecting plates. These fantastic devices eliminate surface transmission of bacteria and they’re ideal for people with mobility issues. Alternatively, another big manufacturer is Geberit, whose plates have a lot of colour and style variety; all very contemporary. The Geberit Sigma range, which is split into numbered sub-groups, is the epitome of class. For example, Geberit produce the Sigma 50 range featuring a duel flush toilet plate in brushed chrome. Those who prefer a flush-stop switch might try Geberit Tango’s simple white models. Take a look at these and the many other brands out there to find a concealed cistern system that suits your needs and budget. Make visiting the bathroom feel like a journey into the future.

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