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A functional bathroom with an appealing and comfortable bathtub is a great deal. Different varieties of bathtubs have surfaced on the market because they are essential parts of a bathroom and are suited to the needs and preferences of different people. We have a large and diverse selection of premium branded bathtubs at our xTWOstore UK online store, including large and small bathtubs, freestanding bathtubs, corner bathtubs, baths with showers, and more.

In a conventional setting, bathtubs were typically elongated and narrow, designed in a way to allow an adult to lie back, soak, and relax. However, there are a lot of shapes and sizes that you can explore with us here on this website. We stock oval bathtubs, hexagonal baths, asymmetrical bathtubs, and other shapes and sizes just to fit your bathroom layout.

xTWOstore offers you the best bathtubs in the UK from brands such as DURAVIT, AXOR, Villeroy & Boch, Geberit, and more. These bathroom bathtubs are not just attractive to look at but have the perfect grip, strength, and comfortable designs. Click here to learn more. [direct to bathtub shapes]  >>read more in our bathtub buying guide


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Bathroom baths and bathtubs are available in a number of shapes and sizes for comfort and utility. Based on your preference, needs, and the layout of your bathroom, you can choose from an array of shapes and sizes we offer:

Freestanding Bathtubs: Bathtubs that stand on their own are called freestanding bathtubs. They are very elegant and come in a variety of shapes. Most of them are round, oval, or rectangular. These bathtubs are very popular because they can look very individual with their unconventional shapes and materials. However, they also occupy a lot of space.

Rectangular Bathtubs: Probably the most popular shape of bathtub is the rectangular one. Due to their versatility and ease of installation, rectangular bathtubs can fit into almost any bathroom layout. These bathtubs can be visually massive.

Room-Saving Bathtubs: These kinds of bathtubs are designed to suit studio-type bathrooms where space is limited but style is mandatory. The room-saving bathtubs are small but appealing and blend in perfectly with less space. However, you will never have to compromise on comfort. The Geberit Renova series of bathtubs and Ideal Standard’s HOTLINE NEU are ideal room-saving bathtubs to have.

Bathtubs with Shower Zone: A bathtub and a shower fixture are combined to form a convenient duo of a bathtub and a shower. Intelligently designed, the bathtubs with shower zone allow you to take a bath and soak in the same area.

Asymmetrical Bathtubs: For a bathroom that lacks space for a shower enclosure and a bathtub, an asymmetrical bathtub is the best choice. The aesthetic view that these bathtubs offer is unparalleled. One of the advantages of asymmetrical bathtubs is that they are available in a number of shapes and sizes.

Corner Bathtubs: Designed to save space, the corner bathtubs can be positioned in the corner of your bathroom. There are different outer shapes to choose from, so you can fit it into your bathroom layout. Most whirlpools are positioned at an angle in the bathroom.

Oval Bathtubs: Just like the name suggests, the oval bathtubs are oval in shape but can be in the form of recessed, freestanding, or built-in. Their shape, designs, and materials make them particularly comfortable and attractive. Its smooth and unusual transition will make it fit perfectly into any interior space.

Hexagonal Bathtubs: A variant of corner bathtubs, hexagonal bathtubs have an oval interior surface, and the edges often serve as platforms for shower products or other items. Hexagonal bathtubs usually take up very little space since they fit in the corner of a room.

A Whirlpool: These are any bathtubs with jets that propel the water. Whirlpools are very popular among people who seek more than just soaking into the tub-the jets inside them provide a relaxing bathing experience and relax the sore areas in the body through hydrotherapy.


Bathtub size is mainly determined by the size of the room. However, if you are short on space in your bathroom, you can still install a space-saving tub. A standard bathtub measures approximately 153x75 cm, while a double one measures 180x120 cm with a height of about 60 cm. The height and length of the bathtub, along with the incline of the backrest, determine the amount of water needed.

If you want to enjoy a bath with your loved one, besides the size of the bath, you should ensure that the drain is at the centre. A bathtub filled with water can be very heavy, and the floor must be able to support this high load. We recommend having your floor checked by a professional before installing your bathtub.

Additionally, a bathtub with two backrests is ideal. Duravit offers the model Paiova, which features an attractive trapezoidal shape, making it possible for you to sit side by side. Kaldewei also offers a two-person bathtub.


Bathtubs are designed for long-lasting durability, high-performance, and comfort. Keeping your lifestyle and comfort in mind, brands use different materials to manufacture their bathtubs. These materials include:

  • Acrylic

  • Ceramic

  • Enamelled steel

  • Mineral casting

  • Wood

  • Copper

  • Cast iron

  • Glass

  • Natural stone

  • Stainless steel

  • Concrete


Depending on the material, you can use your old bathtub as a decoration in your garden. You can plant flowers in it, fill it with water and add fish to it, convert it into a bird feeder, or use it as a bench if you cut it in half. You can find out how to recycle your bathtub from the local town hall.

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